Dental Travel Budapest


My experience was very positive. Everything about this clinic is so professional. I was well looked after and my dentist took a real interest in my treatment making sure everything went smoothly. The end result was perfect, even better than I expected. Should I need any treatment in the future I will certainly go back. I couldn’t recommend this clinic highly enough.

Paula T., Ireland

Dental Clinic in Budapest

Without hyperbole, I’ve hardly ever been treated so kindly and professionally, before. The staff was extremely helpful on all occasions, and went out of their way to accommodate us; the dental team was the best I ever encountered and their professionalism is outstanding; the location is fabulous.

C.E.,  Germany

Dentist in the clinic in Budapest was very knowledgeable and trustworthy.  I had dental implants installed and the sentance "I am happy" is not enough to express my satisfaction! I am delighted with the result, which exceeded my expectations. Dental care at the clinic was also great. I would definitely recommend dental treatment in Budapest

Ann, UK

I found a wonderful dentists in Budapest with great skills! I had the dental crowns installed. I am very happy with the result, especially with very low prices of the treatment. I would also recommend Budapest- it is a beautiful and friendly city.

Mark K., Ireland

I would recommend him to anyone. Very satisfied so far only just started treatment. I have had 3 different consultancies and Dr Imre was the best by far. I'm very pleased that I took the time to find him. I would recommend him to anyone. I will definitely be going back for some implants and crowns.

S.R., UK

OK all here's my Dental Tourism story that some of you asked about. As anyone who does not have Dental Insurance - and even those that do - knows Dental services here in Germany are ridiculously priced. I broke a crown just before Christmas, went to Dr. Winkleman's office and besides being charged ~60 Euros for an exam was quoted 800 Euros just to replace the crown. No pain so I postponed and did some Dental Tourism research. Decided on Hungary.
BLUF got an exam two fillings and a crown replacement for 300 Euros ($420). The air fare on Air France was $204 round trip Stuttgart to Budapest, Stayed at Jimi Hendrix Guest House 3 nights for 74 Euros (about $103), spent about $25 for s ride from the airport and about $15 in dental related subway passes for the 4 days in Budapest. I do have to go back over Presidents day to actually get the crown installed. I've booked that transport for $193 (doing 1st class rail to Budapest Sat and German Wings back on Monday evening) and booked the Silver Hotel for $31 a night -$62 total, now know the subway system so will spend less than $25. All in I'll be out something under $1100, get to spend 4 days touring Budapest, got the crown, two fillings, and an exam for less than the crown would have cost ($1120) here. The clinic was spotless, state of the art new equipment and a very impressive DR. and both he and his assistant spoke perfect English. The Dr. did say they were one of the more expensive clinics in Budapest, but of course he also said they did the best work.

As for Budapest and the Hungarians gosh I can't say enough nice things about it or them. Lots of sites to see and things to do, spas, are everywhere, castles, museums, seemed everyone spoke English almost seemed even to each other. Stand somewhere look a little lost someone comes up and offers to help, guides you to right bus no rip offs. Food is great! Cheap prices on par with or even less expensive than the US.

So in my opinion if you need dental work and have no insurance Budapest is a great place to go. And even if you don't need dental work, Budapest is one fantastic place to visit!

John T., Germany