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Teeth Whitening

Treatment Description:

 teeth whiteningAm I a candidate for Teeth Whitening?

Teeth Whitening in Hungary is for people who want to quickly and effectively whiten their teeth. If you are not satisfied with the natural color of your teeth or if your teeth have lost their color due to the strong penetration of the pigments contained in foods and beverages into the enamel, you can whiten your teeth. Teeth whitening removes the stains associated with long-term smoking, and discoloration connected with aging process.

Why is the professional whitening lamp in a dental office better than other whitening ways available on the market?

The effectiveness of different types of whitening toothpastes ranges from 1 to 2 tones in the VITA scale, and many of them contain abrasive elements. Most professional onlay whitening systems used by dentists has proven clinical efficacy, but their use is associated with considerable discomfort. Creation of well-tailored bleaching overlays requires taking impressions. The treatment is prolonged, because the concentration of bleaching substances must be low, to avoid irritation of the mucous membrane. For getting effects, a patient must wear every day for the night bleaching caps and regularly come for visits every few days. Substances safely used outside the dental office may be preparations of not more than 20% of the whitening substances concentration. Very often the substances sold on the market have the concentration of 25%, 30% and 35% and should only be used in the dental office, because without the use of specialized equipment, they can lead to serious burns of the oral mucosa.
The whitening by the use of a bleaching lamp allows for maximum results in the shortest possible time in a totally safe and comfortable for the patient way.




How white can my teeth get?

The effect of the bleaching is an individual matter. The level of whitening is obtained from 5 to 14 tones according to the VITA scale. Before the treatment, the doctor in collaboration with the patient, sets the tooth color (output color), then presents the possible to obtain range of whitening on the VITA scale.

Is the Teeth Whitening in the dental office safe?

Yes, Teeth Whitening conducted under the supervision of a dentist is painless and completely safe for your teeth and gums. The only side effect that can occur after the whitening is transient tooth sensitivity, which usually subsides after 24 hours. Most modern whitening preparations, contain ingredients to minimize postoperative sensitivity.

What are the contradictions against the Teeth Whitening?

Yes. Patients who should resign from the Teeth Whitening are: pregnant women and nursing women, people with epilepsy or Parkinson's disease. Teeth Whitening is also contraindicated in patients with very intense hypersensitive teeth. You can whiten your teeth after 16 years of age, when their development is completely finished.

Should I prepare myself for the Teeth Whitening procedure?

To make the Teeth Whitening the most efficient, whitening gel should be applied directly to the enamel. If there is plaque on the teeth, scaling needs to be performed. In other cases, simply brushing your teeth or cleaning done by a dentist immediately before the whitening is enough.

How long will the effects of the Teeth Whitening last?

On average the effects last for 2 years. However, it is a very individual matter and depends on your eating habits, the amount of coloring food and beverages you eat and drink. To make the effects last longer it is recommended to use whitening toothpaste.

Will my crowns and veneers get whitened?

No, porcelain crowns and other restorations are not whitened. Only composite fillings may be slightly whitened, but only if they were discolored due to absorption of dyes. They will return to their initial color. Therefore, after whitening, your fillings and restorations which are visible while smiling, may need replacement. The exchange begins no earlier than two weeks after the whitening treatment.

Treatment Time:

The time of the dental treatment in Hungary depends on the system that is used. For instance the Beyond system of Teeth Whitening takes up to 45 minutes, in case of Bio White system it takes up to 60 minutes.

After Treatment:

For two hours after the Teeth Whitening you should not eat or drink anything other than mineral water. To support the whitening effect, avoid staining foods and drinks for 2 days after the procedure, because at that time tooth enamel is partially dehydrated and vulnerable to re-absorb the food coloring and dye. You should avoid, among others, coffee, tea, red wine, berries, red beets, cola and other carbonated drinks, fruit juices. It is recommended to keep the so-called "white diet" that is, foods that do not have dyes. Failure to observe the "white diet" may lead to loss of the whitening effects. Smokers should stop smoking at least two days after the whitening.
For a day after the procedure you should also avoid eating very hot or very cold foods and beverages due to transient postoperative hypersensitivity of the teeth.