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Maxillofacial Surgery

Treatment Description:

maxillofacial surgeryWhat is the Maxillofacial Surgery?

Maxillofacial Surgery is a branch of medicine dealing with the treatment of diseases of the face and mouth, temporomandibular joints, facial bones and neck. Jaw Surgery combines elements of general medicine and dentistry. Due to the nature of the scope of the field (face), the Maxillofacial surgery has much in common and uses elements of plastic and reconstructive surgery, aesthetic medicine and laryngology. There is, also, a close relationship with ophthalmology and neurosurgery.

What problems can be fixed by the Maxillofacial Surgery?

The Maxillofacial Surgery in Budapest involves:

- corrective treatments of bone defects and distortions of the face
- implants and pre-prosthetic surgery
- bone surgery using ultrasonic knife
- jaw cysts, odontogenic, chronic maxillary sinusitis, odontogenic tumors
- modeling procedures in cases of fibrous dysplasia of jaw bones
- retained teeth
- injuries, facial bone fractures




Who can be a candidate for the Jaw Surgery?

If you deal with the following problems, or similar ones, the Maxillofacial Surgery may be a solution for you:

- jaw defects from birth
- not fitting teeth
- problems with pronunciation
- small/big jaws
- biting problems
- receiding chin
- pain in the jaws
- visible lack of jaws balance
- facial injuries

How does the procedure look like?

The whole process will depend on the condition and need of the patient. The surgeon, very often accompanied by an orthodontist, will cut the bones, add or remove some parts, depending on the treatment plan. The new positioning of the bones will be supported by screws and wires. The connections can be removed later, or can be left in the body, depending on the individual case. Your surgeon will inform you about every step of the procedure and answer all your questions.

Will I feel pain after I wake up?

The pain after Orthognathic Surgery is moderate. The feeling of pain is a subjective impression, and depends on individual assessment of a patient, as well as on the extent of the operation. As standard procedure, the patient receives analgesics intravenously after the surgery. This pattern of conduct is maintained in the first postoperative day. In the following days oral medication is sufficient.

Will I be able to eat after the Maxillofacial Surgery in Hungary?

Unfortunately, eating after the Jaw Surgery is difficult. Only after at least a few hours after the surgery, will you be able to eat your first meal. A diet must be followed: soft, smooth, mushy, but nutritious food. Sawn soups, yogurt, protein shake are recommended. Gradually, you can enrich the diet with new meals, but you must remember that the meals need to be soft. The diet lasts for 6-8 weeks, ie for a period of healing, and growing together of bones.

Treatment Time:

The Jaw Surgery may last from 3 to 5 hours but you should stay in Hungary for 2-5 days so that the doctors can monitor your condition and healing.

After Treatment:

Remember to take special care of yourself after the Maxillofacial surgery. Do not engage in any tiring activities, do not do exercises. After the surgery keep all-liquid diet, and gradually add some soft meals. All the instructions concerning the healing process will be provided by the surgeon.