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Dental Implants in Budapest

Treatment Description

dental implantWhat is an Implant?

Implants are currently the most modern form of reconstruction of missing teeth, allowing to achieve aesthetics and comfort provided by your own, natural teeth. A dental implant BUdapest is a titanium screw of precise shape and specially prepared surface, which is introduced by an implantologist to the jawbone in the place of the lost tooth. Then, a porcelain crown in places on the screw.

The essence of the modern implantology are the unique properties of titanium - a metal introduced into the body, which contacts the tissues directly, and is not treated as a foreign body and discarded. It connects with the tissues in a process called Osseointegration. This discovery was a major breakthrough in medicine and dentistry of the twentieth century and was rewarded with the Nobel Prize. The benefits of this invention now improve the lives of millions of people around the world.



How does the procedure of Implant placement look like?

Implant treatment is divided into two stages: the surgical and prosthetic parts. During the first part, the surgeon introduces implants to the bone. The operation is performed under local anesthesia, it is painless and often less invasive than a complicated toothextraction. After the insertion of an implant, the wound is sewn and the implant is left for 3 to 6 months, completely covered with gum. This is the time required for the above-mentioned process of osseointegration, so uniting of a bone with the implant surface, which results in the strength of the fastening, even several times greater than the natural tooth. After 3-6 months the implants are uncovered and the final restoration is made, which is visible in the mouth. Depending on the type of the missing teeth and the treatment plan, the restoration may be: single crowns, bridges or dentures.

In case of older people and the ones who have lost a tooth many years ago, the amount of bone may be insufficient to sustain and stabilize the implant. This does not mean that you have to resign from the implant treatment. Modern medicine allows us to rebuild lost bone. After the bone reconstruction, you should wait about 6 months before installation of the implant.

Is everyone a candidate for dental implants in Budapest?

Dental implants can be implanted in all, generally healthy adults, having the right amount of the bone. The best candidates are:
- adults
- people generally healthy
- people with the right amount and quality of bone (the requirement is not necessary, since we can perform the Bone Reconstruction procedure)

Will I be left without teeth during the treatment?

Neither stage of treatment requires the patient to be left toothless even for one day. This is particularly important in the reconstruction of the anterior teeth. During the time required for an implant to grow together with the bone, the patient uses a temporary, conventional prosthetic.

Is the procedure of Implant placement safe?

Many years of research and clinical observations made​ implantology one of the safest and most desirable methods for the reconstruction of missing teeth. The long experimental period for Dental Implants have ended, making the Implantation a routine dental procedure. To this day, tens of millions of Implants are installed in humans in every corner of the globe. Check also offer of dental implants in Poland

What are the benefits of the dental Implants?

The implant is the closest form of reconstruction of the missing tooth to the natural, physiological teeth. The most important feature is the movement of the forces of chewing. In the case of implants, chewing forces are transferred directly to bone, as in the case of a natural tooth, as opposed to conventional removable dentures, where chewing forces are transferred to the mucous membrane of the alveolar and palate. The most practical importance for a patient is the comfort, which in the case of implants, is as close as possible to the comfort of having your own teeth. It is a huge advantage over all types of mobile (removable) prosthetic.

What are the contradictions against dental implants?

There are a few contradictions, which exclude the Iimplantation:
- cancer
- alcoholism
- diabetes

Other contradictions, which do not exclude the Implantation, are:
- smoking
- cardiovascular disease
- untreated malocclusions
- unterminated growth period
- insufficient bone structure

Can Implants in Budapest completely replace the natural teeth?

Supplements based on Implants can produce very good aesthetic effect and effectively restore chewing function. Note that supplement based on the Implants are by far the best solution because they provide a lasting result of patient treatment, comfort, and are able to completely replace the natural teeth.

Treatment Time: 

Bone Reconstruction if necessary: one visit, c. 6 months of healing before the implants are placed

The Implant placement: 30 minutes- 2 hours

Osseointegration: 3-6 months

Post and Crown placement: 2-5 days required for the lab to prepare the crown

After Treatment:

If you have an implant, apply basic hygiene: brushing your teeth at least twice a day, preferably after each meal and flossing interdental spaces daily. You should also do dental consultation half-yearly and regularly delete the tartar and plague. For people with implants, flossing is especially important. Porcelain crown is connected to the implant deeply in the gum. The consequence is the retention of plaque, which can not be removed with a brush, but only by flossing.

Directly after the treatment, you should not eat for 2 hours, and avoid hot meals till the end of the day. Do not smoke at least for 48 hours after the treatment.