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Dental Implants – Immediate

Treatment Description:

dental implantsWhat is an Implant?

Dental Implants are artificial tooth roots, used for the fastening of crowns, bridges, without polishing the adjacent teeth or to provide better maintenance of partial and complete dentures.

Teeth implants are a permanent solution, extremely functional and aesthetically no different from natural teeth, and thus they significantly improve the quality of life.

What is an Immediate Implant?

The term Immediate Implant may refer both to the introduction of the implant immediately after tooth extraction, as well as to the prosthetic work done immediately after implantation.




Can anybody have the Immediate Implants in Budapest installed?

The basic criteria for determining immediate implant are:
- correct dental alveous (no loss of bony tissue around the alveous, the correct width of the alveolus)
- atraumatic extraction
- lack of acute inflammation
- suitable anatomical conditions
- acceptable soft tissue contour

How does the procedure of Immediate Implants installation differ from the traditional Implants installation?

This is a special procedure, which takes place during one visit and involves:
- removal of the damaged tooth or tooth root
- implantation of the implant in place of the missing tooth
- temporary crown placement

This procedure is fully compliant with the latest knowledge and ongoing research. Properly conducted, improves the final cosmetic result and immediately restores the missing teeth, eliminating the time in which the patient remains with an empty place of the lost tooth.

What are the benefits of Immediate Implants over the traditional ones?

Immediate Implants have a few basic benefits, which may be significant for some patients:
- only one surgery (minimal invasive, faster healing)
- reduction of the overall treatment time (about 3 months) and reduction of the number of visits
- preserving the original level of bone tissue
- possibility to make an immediate temporary crown on the same visit

After Treatment:

Immediately after the procedure - for 2 hours you should not eat. Avoiding hot foods is recommended throughout the day. It is very important to avoid smoking (at least within 48 hours after the surgery), and food favoring plaque build. As soon as possible, you should return to gentle brushing your teeth. It is helpful to 2-3 times a day rinse the mouth with liquid disinfectant. This is the beginning, but it is important that proper oral hygiene is maintained throughout the use of implants. Visit your dentist every 6 months, brush and floss your teeth at least twice a day.