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Implant Retained Dentures

Treatment Description:

Implant Retained DentureWhat is a Implant Retained Denture?

A Implant Retained Denture is a denture which is supported by implants, installed into the bones. Traditional Denture is attached to the gums. Therefore, the Implant Supported Denture is more stable and comfortable for the patient.

How does the Implant Supported Denture look like?

The denture has a special built-in latches, so that it is very stable and comfortable.

The are two types of latches. The first type, often used, are ball snaps. Special connectors, finished with small balls, are installed to the implants, while in the prosthesis there are corresponding matrices installed. The second type of connection is called a Dolder bar (the implants are connected by a transverse element), which corresponds to special clips in the denture.

Depending on the bone, we can use four, three, or even just two implants, on which the denture is attached. Based on the analysis of the bone, the implantologist will determine the optimal number of implants, so they were not overloaded and ensure adequate stabilization of the prosthesis.




Is anybody a candidate for the Implant Retained Denture?

The classification of the patient for the treatment is carried out through the panoramic x-ray analysis and the assessment of bone. Under extremely difficult conditions, bone prosthesis can be performed on miniimplants, which are characterized by much less invasive surgery and the immediate stabilization of the prosthesis on the implants.

Treatment Time:

During the first visit the implants are placed, unless the bone reconstruction is needed. The healing process takes 3-6 months. For that period, temporary denture is placed in the mouth.

During the next visits the impressions are taken for the denture, and within a few days it can be placed.

If the bone reconstruction is necessary, than the healing process before the implants Budapest placement takes 4-6 months.

After Treatment:

The proper care and hygiene of your Implant Retained Denture is not different from the ordinary denture hygiene, but you must remember about the periodic visits, which are usually carried out every 6 ~ 9 months.