Dental Travel Budapest


faq11. How will I communicate with the dentist?

Do not worry, each of our dental clinics in Budapest employs english speaking dentists so you will have no problems with communication.



faq22. When should I pay for the treatment?

The payments are done after each dental appointment in a clinic. We accept both credit cards and cash.



faq33. Are there any hidden costs?

Not at all. Dental Travel Budapest charges only for the performed treatment.



faq44. Is it worth to travel to Budapest for dental treatment?

Of course. Not only can you save a lot of money on dental treatment in Hungary but you will also have the treatment performed without waiting lists. Dentists in Budapest are higly educated specialists, providing high quality effective treatment.



faq55. How long should I stay in Budapest?

The time of your stay will depend on the treatment you need. Some services, like Implants, require longer period, while other services like fillings, can be performed during one visit. Our consultant will inform you how long you should stay in Budapest.



faq66. What should I do to organize my trip to Budapest?

Firstly let us know when you would like to have the treatment performed. Then, find air connections and a hotel in Budapest. If you need any help with booking your travel and accommodation, our consultant will be glad to be of asisstance.


faq77. Is the dental treatment you offer under warranty?

Yes, of course. Each of our dental clinics not only provide high quality dental treatment but they also take full responsibility for the performed services.