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Treatment Description:

dentureWhat is a Denture and what is its role?

Dentures replace missing teeth. They can be removed and placed back in the mouth. Although some people get used to using dentures, and it will never replace the natural teeth, the currently available dentures look very natural and are more convenient than before. Dentures recreate the damaged parts of the teeth and oral functions (chewing, speech, facial appearance).




How does a denture in Budapest work?

Dentures in Hungary are fitted with tailored to gum acrylic base in the color of the mouth. Upper denture base covers the upper palate, while the lower denture base is shaped like a horseshoe to fit the tongue.

How long can a denture last?

After a certain period of time a denture needs to be adjusted, re-performed or a new basis needs to be made due to normal wear and tear. Replacing the base means performing a new base while leaving the existing dental prosthesis. Moreover, with age, natural changes in the structures of the oral cavity occur. These changes cause the loosening of denture, making it difficult to chew and can cause irritation to the gums. You should go to the dentist at least once a year.

How much time can it take to get used to dentures?

A new denture can cause a strange sensation or discomfort during the first few weeks or even months. Eating and speaking with dentures might take some practice. There is often a feeling of tightness or looseness, the cheeks and tongue muscles learn to hold the prosthesis in place. Very often there is also the overproduction of saliva, feeling too little space for language and minor irritation or soreness.

Is the use of adhesives for dentures beneficial?

The ways to improve the maintenance of dentures are usually supplied as a powder that when mixed with saliva forms a sticky mass. These substances may be used occasionally during the initial phase of getting used to the denture as well as in case of actors and singers during their performances. In all other cases, the use of adhesives for dentures, especially long-term is not recommended, because their use may mask the imperfections of the denture, which should be identified and corrected in the office.

Will a denture change the way I speak?

Speaking, especially in case of words of difficult pronunciation, may be problematic at the beginning. You can get used to the denture faster if you practice speaking by reading aloud.

How often should I remove the denture?

At the initial stage, you may be advised by the dentists in Budapest to wear the denture almost all the time, even while sleeping. Normally, the denture should be removed for the night, to let the gums rest.

After Treatment:

- Dentures are fragile and may break if dropped. While handling a denture, you should​do it over a towel or basin of water.
- Do not allow a denture to dry. While dentures are not used, place them in a denture cleaning solution or clean water. Never use hot water because it can cause distortion of the denture.
- Daily brushing of the dentures allows the removal of food residue and plaque and prevents discolored dentures.
- Every morning before putting dentures on, brush your gums, tongue and palate with a soft brush. This stimulates circulation in the tissues and helps remove plaque.