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Dental Travel Budapest cooperates with professional Dentists in Budapest, which offer comprehensive dental services in the field of implantology, prosthodontics, endodontics.

Our Dental Clinic in Budapest is placed in the heart of the city, in a very convenient location, close to the West Railway Station. This clinic is a part of the largest private healthcare institutions in the country, which provides medical services in more than 25 specialties.

The dental center in Budapest operates with three seats equipped with the latest technology. Our dentists in Budapest and Dentists in Poland use all innovative dental techniques, the sterilization technology and modern equipment at least of the same level (or even better and more often) than in the dental centers in the UK, western Europe and USA. Moreover, prices of treatments offered by Dental Travel Budapest are up to 70% lower compared with those countries.




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The Dental Clinic employs only highly qualified and specialized dentists. They acquired experience in a number of esteemed dental institutions in the country and the world. They speak fluently in many languages like English, German, French and Italian. Thanks to a state-of-the-art dental equipment the clinic offers modern dental treatment that are less invasive and more safer for the patient. Our dentists abroaduse a fully digital system with latest digital imaging and modern intraoral cameras.

We are sure that Dental Travel Budapest provides the best quality dental services to our patients. Dentists in Hungary always welcome patients of any age to provide them with the best dental care, and  help them to achieve the beautiful and healthy smile.