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Bone Reconstruction

Treatment Description:

bone graftingWhat is the Bone Reconstruction?

Bone Reconstruction/Augmentation is a surgical procedure producing the required amount of bone at the place of planned dental implants in patients whose bone has atrophied.

Why does the bone atrophy?

When it comes to tooth loss, bone undergoes atrophy. Stimulation of the bone by chewing forces is essential to maintain a sufficient quantity and quality of the bone tissue. Lack of stimulation makes the bone is diluted in place of a lost tooth, which degrades the quality of bone and its suitability for dental implants in Budapest.

What are the results of the bone atrophy?

As a result of the bone loss, it becomes impossible to introduce even a thin and short implants, either because they are not completely hidden in the bone, or there is a risk of fracture of thin bone plates as a result of chewing forces acting on the implants.




How does the treatment look like?

The treatment involves placing in the reconstructed area a biological bone material or synthetic material and covering it with a special membrane. After several months, as the effect of the regenerative forces of the body, the material will be converted in the patient's own bone tissue, in which dental implantscan be installed.

How early is the treatment performed prior to the Implantation?

Depending on the severity of the bone atrophy, the Bone Regeneration can be performed a specified period before the introduction of implants or during the implantation procedure. If bone loss is significant, the Bone Regeneration is carried out a few months before implantation of the implants. In situations where bone loss is small and the amount of the patient's own bone will ensure stability of the implant, the Bone Reconstruction procedure is performed on the same visit. Osseointegration of the implant and the creation of a new bone tissue happen simultaneously.

How will the dentist know if I need the Bone Reconstruction?

To assess whether the amount of bone is sufficient to make dental implants, pantomogram is needed. Based on the examination and intraoral pantomogram, the surgeon can assess the bone tissue.