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Dental Crowns

Treatment Description:

Dental Crowns

Prosthetic crowns in Budapest allow for the reconstruction of teeth, which are badly damaged. It is the best solution in a situation when the tooth can no longer be restored by the composite material.

When a tooth is badly damaged by decay or fracture, composite filling would be too big to stay in it. In this situation the best solution is to perform a dental crown, which also rebuilds the tooth and strengthens it.

Prosthetic Crown resembles a kind of cap applied to the tooth. With resistant materials from which it is made, prosthetic Crown strengthens the tooth and simultaneously restores its natural, healthy look.


What different Crown types are available?

Porcelain fused to metal crown- The core of such a crown is a dental steel, which is cast individually for each tooth. On such prepared foundation, the porcelain crown is installed. Metal in the crown is not visible - it is hidden under the porcelain. These Crowns are the most common group of crowns due to its features and price. Metal substructure provides very high mechanical strength of such crowns, while the high-quality porcelain provides satisfactory aesthetic result in most cases.

Porcelain fused to gold crown- These are recommended in the case of teeth damages occurring under the gums, because gold has a strong anticaries features. Substructure of the crown is made of gold, on which the porcelain is installed. Gold in the mouth is not visible - it is hidden beneath the porcelain. The crowns in our country are very durable.

Full-ceramic crown- the crown is applied usually on the front teeth. One of their feature is excellent aesthetics, they are indistinguishable from natural teeth.

What are the recommendations for the crowns in Budapest?

Dental Crowns in Budapest are typically installed in the following cases:
- rebuilding the damaged tooth
- rebuilding a fractured/broken tooth
- rebuilding the missing tooth
- as dental bridge pillar
- when veneers are recommended but cannot be performed

What is a Post and when is it needed?

The Post is necessary, when the degree of tooth destruction precludes the maintenance of a prosthetic crown. For example, when the tooth has only a thin wall remaining, which, after grinding, will additionally weaken, prosthetic crown attached only to them may come off with these walls with some time. Therefore, you must then execute a solid foundation for the future crown. This foundation is the Post.

Will I be left without any tooth before the crown is prepared?

Not at all, the dentist will prepare a temporary crown so that the loss of a tooth will not be visible. Temporary crowns are much less accurate and durable than the permanent crown, so you can not have them for long, while for a few days, the temporary crown perfectly fulfill its role.

Is the crown installation painful?

No, the installation of the dental crown Budapest is not painful, because it is performed under local anesthesia. In the case of teeth after root canal treatment (which are dead) even anesthesia is not needed.

Treatment Time:

First Visit: During the first visit the teeth are prepared for the crowns, the dental lab has 2-5 days to prepare the crown. Very often root canal treatment, extractions or fillings are required before the crowns are installed. All the procedures are performed during the visit.

Second Visit: The permanent crown is installed.

After Treatment:

The dental crown does not require any special care that would be different from the natural teeth. You should remember that the crowned teeth are also exposed to decay, so you should brush and floss them regularly.